Saturday, February 16, 2008

is Feminism unreasonable?

The following discussion has taken place in the Sun Times, primarily between myself and Jim Merriam, a bi weekly columnist and editor.

It should be noted that I was a columnist for htis paper for 5 years, but my 'services' were no longer required in November. Actually I was the first female columnist when I started writing "Running With Scissors" 5 years ago. They told me they were trying to keep the paper 'fresh' but they kept all the old boys. But my issue is trying to change the attitudes in a rural community.

A Column he wrote

My letter to the editor in response

He buries a response in here (Sisterhood of Perpetual Victim)

Someone else wades into the debate

Jim full responds here

I am formulating a response to the last column but have nothing submitted as of yet.

From my letter to the editor I got 2 phone calls and 2 emails the morning it was in the paper, all from men, all telling me to keep battling on, and how I was right.

Joachim's letter has also gotten a huge response to people connecting with him.

We're not letting this go.

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