Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sisterhood of Perpetual Victims

Oh I love making an impact, being that thorn, that requires attention, it just makes my day.

I can't link to Jim's little "dig" yet as his column is not yet online, but I will when it is.

So what is the "Sisterhood of Perpetual Victims"?

It's obviously a group that holds - media, community leaders, columnists - accountable for what they say, print, and advocate for.

I can take on that new lable!

While I'm advocated for the Sisterhood of Perpetual Victims....

Why is it when our First Nation's want input and engagement they get this headline

Natives demand say in energy megaproject (To me the use of the word "demand" is confrontational.)

Legal action by the Saugeen Ojibwa could derail or delay major energy projects
in Bruce County, Saugeen lawyer Arthur Pape warned an Ontario Energy Board
hearing this week.

and yet when "white" people do the same thing, they get this headline?

Council supports couple in battle with Hydro One;Rawns fighting to keep proposed new transmission corridor out of sensitive wetlands

A Varney couple is getting support from West Grey council in their bid to
protect Camp Creek wetlands from possible environmental damage from a proposed
new high voltage transmission line from Bruce Power to Milton

The Native concern and possible opposition is portrayed as holding up progress, yet when non-natives threaten similar action, it is portrayed as "saving the farm".

Just a question

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