Monday, January 14, 2008

Biting the hand that once fed...

Funny Farm column

Letter to the Editor

Re: Cry me a river - of votes

Dear Editor,

I am always pleased to see our community on an international stage, advocating for the same issues, having a voice and echoing the standards of society. Yet sadly Jim Merriam must have spent too much time watching Fox news this past weekend.

In his column he claims that it was Hillary Clinton’s tears that won her the New Hampshire Primary.

Well perhaps if he broadened his reading he would see the on going analysis that suggests that it was the treatment of Clinton that drove the female vote to back her. Oh here’s a question: who’s tracking the male vote? We have the female vote, the black vote, the religious vote, the minority vote…

But I’m off topic. I’ve seen the footage of Clinton and ‘tearing up’ is not crying; yet the media pounced on her for being weak. But wait, then there was the media who said it was all fake, and she did it to soften her image. Well which was it, weakness or manipulation: well it could be both, she is a woman after all!!! This is the same media that says she’s cold if she wears black and too soft if she wears pink. This woman can’t win.

Women are dealt a double standard in positions of power. If women are passionate about what they believe in and are determined to make their point; they are called aggressive. If men behave the same way, he’s a hero for speaking out.

If a man shows emotion it means he’s compassionate and caring, and a strong man for showing his emotion if a woman shows emotion she’s being weak and manipulative.

These days a woman has to be twice as smart, twice as good to get what they want.

As for the not so Funny Farm, Mr. Merriam also advocates tears as manipulation: “Guys, if you find yourself losing the election for sergeant at arms for the local Moose lodge, maybe you should try stubbing your toe on the flag pole.”

Too bad he didn’t advocate for being a better lodge member, but then I’m sure this is a male only lodge because who wants women around when the world needs to be conquered.

Jim also seems to think violence within the home is acceptable. And I quote
“Or if you're losing a battle at home, you might trick your spouse by pinching yourself hard enough to moisten the corners of the eyes.
If she doesn't whack you with a frying pan you'll know it might be working. “
Jim, do you really think domestic violence is a joke?
I suggest you go back to reprinting email jokes, and leave the political analysis to people without chips on their shoulder.

Francesca Dobbyn
A woman who tears up and wears pink.

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Single Mom said...

Francesca, I am loving your blog. Please post more. Ron Payne pointed your blog out to me. What a delight you are!

Mr.Merriam has lost his senses.

Here is an article I really enjoyed that might inspire you.

You can check out my blog too. I think my ID should link to it.

Be Well.